Looking for Heaven on Earth? Look No Further. It’s Actually in the Maldives.

The word “heaven” conjures up as many images and meanings as there are people in the world. I’d like to take this opportunity to share a place that I think is a pretty good contender for “heaven on earth.” Senova Gili is a resort in the Maldives, created by Six Senses. It’s combination of natural beauty and refined luxury is second to none. In a remote location in the Indian Ocean, this resort makes being “away from it all” a true source of relaxation. 

The beautiful villas are scattered through the crystal-blue waters that surround the resort.

Just a few steps down a ladder from your deck and you’re going for a wonderful swim in the sunshine.

The views the resort provides are incredible. Where else in the world can you see shades of blue like this?

A view on the inside of one of the bedrooms. I’d pay just to take an afternoon nap in that bed.

Another view from inside one of the villas demonstrating how even when indoors you are always experiencing the beauty of the nature around you.

You could call this a breakfast nook, but that doesn’t come close describing this beautiful room.

A luxurious dining room for fine meals (it’s got a table made of driftwood, how awesome is that?)

A lovely view for dinner.

As the sun descends the wonderfully mellow lighting around the resort and villas reveals the beauty of the island at dusk.

A little get-together: resort guests gather by the ocean just before sundown.

Soneva Gili by Six Senses

Imagine waking up with your loved one by your side and the peaceful sound of the ocean all around you. Sounds good to me.

A wide view of this amazing resort and the natural beauty all around it.

(via: twistedsifter.com)

Dream destination discovered. It’s time to start saving up.

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