#M1GS: May Day Occupiers all worked up about not working tomorrow


We’ve been keeping our Eye on Occupy over the last month (archive) as the young and the shiftless prepare to protest lack of jobs…by telling everyone else to skip out on theirs (refresher course here). Tonight, Twitter’s buzzing with anarchic anticipation.

Anti-police sentiment is high amid reports of a leaked NYPD report in advance of Occupy Wall Street’s planned shutdown of the Big Apple:


— Nicky Ocean ⚓ (@SeaNick_) April 30, 2012

@MikeBloomberg hey you fuck you from all the niggas of ny. hope you go to jail and get fucked in the ass, asshole fuck nypd 2

— TonyLeeThomasjr (@TonyLeeThomasjr) April 29, 2012

fuck the police @ NYPD Times Square http://t.co/4YWGU30V

— lucida_console (@lucida_console) April 28, 2012

Getting reports that the NYPD are visiting prominent activists' houses to question them tonight before #M1GS. No word of prearrests.

— Laurie Penny (@PennyRed) April 30, 2012

If these reports any indication, OWS should rename itself Occupy Traffic Jam:

OCCUPIERS: To TARGET bridges, tunnels & finance biz buildings; Bloomberg vows quick police response http://t.co/W27E1vhD #tcot #tlot

— slone (@slone) April 30, 2012

Get ready for tomorrow! Occupy Beltane Traffic and other disruptions in 115 cities nationwide #OccupyBeltane #Beltane http://t.co/JRvMHpcB

— Loren Coleman (@CryptoLoren) April 30, 2012

Occupy Toronto will be gathering at Nathan Phillip Square tomorrow @ 4PM. Expect traffic disruption during the demonstration.

— Shashena Walsh (@Shashena) April 30, 2012

Golden Gate Larkspur & Sausalito Ferry service suspended Tuesday, May 1 until approx 2 pm. http://t.co/3sPR4n8d

— Golden Gate Ferry (@GoldenGateFerry) May 1, 2012

Officials in lib cities like Seattle brace for violence:

Mayor warns Occupy May Day could turn violent: At a protest at the Port of Seattle in December 2011, several peo… http://t.co/iainlL4F

— OccupyWallS (@OccupyWallS) April 30, 2012


Is Black Bloc Protestors Violence threatening the Success of the Occupy Movement? pic.twitter.com/96fDbCQZ http://t.co/ugxAqqOc

— Conspiracy Watch (@peedpiper) April 30, 2012

Get your own #Portland Edition black bloc scarf! http://t.co/iv8ZhV6G #5vtshow @MichelleMalkin

— Victoria Taft (@VictoriaTaft) April 30, 2012

Another Occupy protest, another breeding ground for rapists:

Sexual assault reported at #OccupyMN camp at Peavey Plaza http://t.co/IKjRZt59

— FOX 9 News (@MyFOX9) April 30, 2012

Can we have a real Occupy story please #newsnight ? Like one about the innocent women who get raped at #occupy. http://t.co/QtLX07MA

— Ⓑercows Ⓑig Ⓒhair (@BBCPropaganda) April 30, 2012



Forget the mic check. Can we get a grammar check, please?


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