Mailman And Huge Dog Have A Wonderful Friendship That Will Warm Your Heart

Everyone knows that dogs and mail carriers aren’t “supposed to” get along…but New Zealand postman Steve Hennum doesn’t care about conventions.

Every day on his delivery route through a Te Puke neighborhood, Hennum makes a stop at one specific house — whether or not he has a package for them.

Why, you ask? Well, one of his favorite clients lives there…and he just so happens to be a huge, nine-month-old German shepherd.

Kyza might seem menacing to most people when he jumps up onto the low fence on his property, but as soon as you see his smiling face and wagging tail, you can tell all he wants are some sweet pats.

Their relationship is truly special.

What a sweet exchange! While it might seem especially cute to us, this is just old hat for Hennum and Kyza. Here’s hoping his route is never changed!

Now all Kyza’s owner has to do is train him to do this, too!

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