Marie Harf: ‘We are not going to telegraph our plans, period’!/marieharf/status/511613592903614464

We posted yesterday on the “snippy” exchange between deputy spokesperson for the State Department, Marie Harf and Daily Beast reporter Josh Rogin, but Twitter wasn’t done commenting on the exchange.

As this administration has embraced telegraphing U.S. plans in advance — i.e., withdraw dates from Iraq and Afghanistan — users were a little confused by Harf’s strong statement that, “we are not going to telegraph our plans, period.”

And here are some of the responses calling her out on this “telegraph” nonsense:

@AnthonyBialy @JammieWF @marieharf @joshrogin "We are not going to telegraph our plans in advance, period." Uh, what do you call "no boots"?

— Joel Engel (@joelengel) September 15, 2014

@marieharf @joshrogin We never telegraph our intentions. We use the major networks silly. 👸👓

— Marie Harf (@MarieBarf) September 15, 2014

@marieharf @joshrogin because you tweet instead of telegraph now?

— psl (@SkePatt) September 15, 2014

Really?—> @marieharf Your exalted leader has no problem telling everyone what we 'won't be doing. What's the difference?

— Scott (@retiredfirecapt) September 15, 2014

Oh, and about Harf ending her declaration with “period”? Remember what happened the last time:

Oh, @marieharf, the last time anyone used "Period" on us, we lost our doctors, coverage. @joshrogin

— Sandy (@RightGlockMom) September 15, 2014

And let’s end with this:

How do you sleep at night? @marieharf @joshrogin

— Ryan B. Leslie (@RyanBLeslie) September 15, 2014

Good question, Ryan, good question.

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