#McLiberals: Iowahawk, happy warriors put lib-think in hashtag nutshell

Ha! Leave it to Iowahawk to sum up the hilarity of fast food workers striking for super-sized wages with one hashtag. Geraldo Rivera proclaimed, “they deserve a raise.” Thankfully, he didn’t volunteer to get semi-naked and post more selfies in solidarity.

Snicker. Oh, the cognitive dissonance of liberals! Enter, lib-think in a hashtag nutshell:

And win:



‘They deserve a raise’: Geraldo stands with striking fast food workers

‘Make our salaries super-sized’: Fast food workers walk off the job, rally for pay hike

Full Twitchy coverage of Iowahawk

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/07/31/mcliberals-you-win-twitter-today-iowahawk-happy-warriors-put-lib-think-in-hashtag-nutshell/

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