Meat Loaf rallies for Mitt Romney in Ohio!/SarahH_CBSNJ/status/261607294779928577

That Meat Loaf? Yes, that Meat Loaf. You were expecting the other Meat Loaf?

Meatloaf (yes that Meatloaf) on stage for Romney in Defiance OH

— Jim Acosta (@jimacostacnn) October 25, 2012

Meatloaf says he called 3 Dems in CA today and got 2 of them to switch to Romney: “So 2 out of 3 ain’t bad.”

— Sarah Huisenga (@SarahH_CBSNJ) October 25, 2012

At Romney event in between songs, Meatloaf says he’s 65 years old but “Paul Ryan has not pushed me off a cliff in a wheelchair”

— Jim Acosta (@jimacostacnn) October 26, 2012

The Obama campaign isn’t impressed by what’s on the menu.

Romney & Meatloaf in OH–the foreign policy of 80s, the social policies of the 50s, the econ policies of the 20s, and the music of the 70s

— Brent Colburn (@cbrentcolburn) October 25, 2012

Meat Loaf? It’s what’s for dinner in Defiance, Ohio, and it’s going fast.

Big & Rich, Meatloaf, Alabama… Folks there’s only one way to describe this Defiance, OH Romney event: It’s a hootenanny.

— Garrett Haake (@GarrettNBCNews) October 26, 2012

So Obama has the Lena Dunham video, while Romney has the vocalist of “Paradise by the Dashboard Light?” 12 days, people.

— Steven Shepard (@HotlineSteve) October 25, 2012


Romney/Loaf 2012?

This photo of Meat Loaf & Mitt Romney by @charlesdharapak is the best thing happening on the Internet right now.

— Garrett Haake (@GarrettNBCNews) October 26, 2012

MEATLOAF AND MITT Romney sing “God Bless America” in Defiance, Ohio via @ap…

— Charles Dharapak (@CharlesDharapak) October 26, 2012

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