Mom Arrested For Indecent Behavior After Asking Her 15-Year-Old To Have A Three-Way

Some stories just make you want to put your head in your hands and cry forever, and the arrest of this Louisiana mother is about to be one of them.

Mamie Harris has been charged with indecent behavior after asking her daughter to have a “three-way” with her and an unidentified male suspect. This request came multiple times, beginning when the teenager was just 14 years old. When she said no, Harris told the girl, “we need the money.”

This tragic failure to parent isn’t the only time Harris exposed her child to total indecency. The same male suspect is said to have walked naked into Harris’s daughter’s room.

The daughter always left the house or said no to these acts, eventually telling police she didn’t know what they meant.

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According to the teenager’s testimony, Harris may have also been a prostitute. Police also say she was once arrested for beating her child with a board. Fortunately, Harris no longer has custody of her daughter.

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