Mommy Duck Couldn’t Rescue Her Babies. So This Family Did Something Awesome.

Ducklings are fuzzy, sweet and cute, but they aren’t the best at climbing stairs. Or in and out of pools. That’s why, when a family of ducks became stuck in a backyard pool, they had to get help from their friendly neighborhood humans.

The ducklings were way too small to get over the edge of the pool.

Mom helplessly looked on, trying to figure out a way to get her babies out.

Momma duck refused to leave their side.

She even tried to lead them to safety, but still couldn’t get them out.

When mom saw humans were there to help, she led her ducklings around, waiting for an opportunity.

The family looking on put a board in the water…

And the little duckies knew just want to do.

One by one, they jumped out of the pool.

Then, they hid beneath a very happy mother.

Be careful next time, little ducks.

Next time these duckies want to go for a swim, we hope they stick to a nearby park pond.


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