Next Time You Think You’re Having A Bad Day, Look At These 22 People. Theirs Are Way Worse.

When you’re having a bad day, there are very few things that can legitimately cheer you up. A promotion, someone asking you out, winning the lottery or running into your favorite celebrity would all do the trick… but it’s unlikely that those things will happen. So, you might just have to settle on making sure your misery has company. Here are some people who are having spectacularly bad days. They might make you feel a little better about your own.

1.) Nothing is worse than humiliating sunburn.

2.) House renovations = over.

3.) This is professional embarrassment.

4.) Maybe it was just a magic puddle.

5.) Noooo, not the bears!

6.) It’s a nice day for a wet wedding.

7.) Soon, he’ll realize what that funny smell is.

8.) A lifelong hatred of the mailman starts here.

9.) … it’s ruined now, might as well burn the car.

10.) At least he knows there isn’t a scary marlin in the water.

11.) Don’t call people (or horses) names.

12.) This is going to be a fun night.

13.) That garbage truck has attitude problems.

14.) His struggle just started.

15.) After getting an eye patch, he decided he needed a new hobby.

16.) Someone is going to miss her first big reporting job.

17.) When you’re a grown man you can’t, and shouldn’t, do this.

18.) Instant bad day.

19.) Instagram break-ups are the worst (and are from the worst people).

20.) Run free, snowmobile.

21.) Today is going to be a “work from home” day.

22.) Time for a lunch break.

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