Nobody Would Stop To Help Him Or Even Look At Him, But Then Somebody Finally Cared

At some point in our lives, we’ve all felt that nobody cares about us — whether our reasons are legitimate or just temporary emotional stress.

Feeling that way sometimes is a normal part of growing up, but most of us know that our families do care and that they would do anything to keep us safe and healthy.

But unfortunately for this dog in Iquitos, Peru, he had nobody in the world willing to give him a second glance, even though it was clear that he was suffering immensely. He desperately needed someone to help him. Just as it seemed that he was ready to give up, though, two wonderful women finally noticed him and came to his rescue.

This poor baby was suffering from a bad case of mange and was forced to scavenge through garbage just to survive.

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It was obvious that he needed medical attention and care, but everyone ignored him as if he was worthless.

Seemingly defeated, he stood in the middle of traffic as if to say he didn’t care whether he lived or died.

But luckily for him, he did matter to a passerby named Joyci. She brought him to a friend after seeing the terrible condition he was in.

Little did he know that he had hit the jackpot — Bianca, Joyci’s friend, happened to be the director of a rescue organization called Amazon CARES. She offered to give him free treatment and began trying to fatten him up right away.

Because of his terrible mange, most of his fur was gone.

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His eyes were the only part of him still full of life, so they called him Ojitos — an endearing Spanish term for eyes.

Everyone around the women voiced their disgust for Ojitos because of his condition.

It became very difficult to deal with — even Bianca’s neighbor moved out because he didn’t want to look at the dog.

But they never let the negativity stop them. The women continued showering Ojitos with the love and care he was starving for.

Joyci never once regretted finding and rescuing him.

And neither did Bianca — the two worked for months to restore his health.

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They gave him special treatments for his mange every day.

He’d never lived so well before, and the simple comfort of a bed was beyond amazing for him.

With all of the loving attention, his happy personality began to emerge.

He was also gaining weight and growing stronger every day.

And with his rescuers’ support, he started to gain confidence.

Finally, he was ready to go outside to play.

He wasn’t so sure about going back out into the cruel world he came from.

But with a little help from a new friend, he had fun for probably the first time in his life.

He was starting to realize that life could actually be enjoyable.

His days became full of fun walks and adventures.

And he grew to love and trust his caretakers completely.

He grew into the happy, playful pup that he was always meant to be.

And look at his beautiful coat that was under all that mange!

Now he has friends and family, when before, he had nothing.

He’s come a long way from the emaciated, dying dog in the streets of Peru.

Ojitos is now full of joy, and the rest of his body finally matches his bright eyes.

He’s definitely living the good life.

And it was all because someone gave him a second chance.

These women are angels for doing so much for a dog in such need. After that emotional journey, I really need to go hug my dog.

If you’d like to help Amazon CARES to keep saving lives, you can donate to their awesome cause here.

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