ONE Artist Is Making The Worst Parts Of Peoples’ Days A Lot More Fun.

The incredibly talented illustrator Troqman is committed to making what would be the least exciting parts of our daily lives better by doing these drawings or “Cartoonbombing.” Throughout his travels, he’s brightened up the days of so many with his impromptu pieces. They really are so fun, you’ve got to take a look. Check them out below!

That’s one way to make up for leaving a mess.

He’s king of the using both your sketchpad and surroundings to make a cool image world.

This one is scary good.

When you gotta go, you’ve gotta go.

This certainly beats looking at the seat in front of you.

Someone’s in here.

Hang in there.

Window shopping.

Whatever you do, just don’t cut the red wire.

This is the opposite of a shitty idea.

Chivalry is drawn.

CSI: Sketchpad.

Someone’s thirsty.

Cat got you sketch?


(via Lost At E Minor)

These are so awesome. I’ll bet it’s just as much fun for him to make these as it is for all of the people who get to see them. It must be so cool to be able to improve peoples’ days while having a blast yourself. For more of Troqman’s work, check out his Instagram account.

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