One Man Found An Unexpected And Dangerous Visitor In His Shower.

If Kalpesh Patel ever tells you not to go into the bathroom he just came out of, listen. When he went to take a shower at his home in Gujarat, India, he happened upon the surprise of a lifetime. In the very same place where he routinely stands naked was a 5’ crocodile. The second Patel realized the hair-raising reptile was alive, he bolted from the bathroom like a bat out of a bathroom with a live crocodile in it.

After slamming the door shut, Patel alerted his family and called the police. The crocodile was moved to a nearby lake unharmed. His friends and neighbors didn’t believe his story initially, but then he showed them the picture below.

(via Mirror)

Hey, at least it wasn’t an alligator, right?

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