Only In China Is This Kind Of Crazy Architecture Possible. This Is Bizarre.

In China, funky and ridiculous looking buildings are a serious issue. In fact, they’re taken so seriously that Chinese president Xi Jinping asked developers to stop making strange buildings.  

After you see these 15 buildings from across China, you’ll definitely see where he’s coming from. Just wait until you see #8. I’m not sure a building like that would look good anywhere.

1.) This office building is supposed to resemble a wine bottle. It’s pretty close, I guess.

2.) I know I’d never pay money to stay at this Taihu Pearl Hotel. Who thought this would be a good idea?

3.) The building of the Le Grand Large Hotel resembles the three Taoist gods of wealth, fame, and long life. Umm, ok.

4.) The north gate of Yichuan looks more like a belt than anything else. I hope this wasn’t taxpayer funded.

5.) This “ring of life” cost hundreds of millions of yuan to build, and serves no actual purpose. The local government designated it a landmark.

6.) This government building in Nanjing looks an awful lot like another government building closer to home.

7.) This sort of looks like the zipper of a jacket, or some kind of evil tower.

8.) Welcome to the Phoenix Island development complex. These buildings are the definition of an eyesore.

9.) This is the Sphinx building in Beijing. Ehh, I could take it or leave it.

10.) The “Century Sail” tower. It kind of looks like an ice cream cone.

11.) This eyesore of a ramshackle building is on Chongqing’s Foreigner Street.

12.) The “Gate of the Orient.” It actually looks like a pair of pants with feet.

13.) The Chongqing Guotai Art Center. This one looks like it could hurt someone.

14.) Apparently the “Linda Haiyu Plaza” was supposed to look like a fish. They clearly didn’t get it right.

15.) The Fang Yuan Building here is supposed to resemble the look of an ancient coin. The result is one of the most controversial buildings in the country.

Via: chinaSMACK

I guess a few modern, ugly buildings is just something you have to deal with as the world’s newest superpower. I certainly wouldn’t want any of these in my neighborhood. It would be weird to give people directions and tell them to turn at the “giant, useless ring.”

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