Oops! South African presidential account sends mistaken tweet, is forced to correct error


The official account of the South African presidency sent a mistaken tweet about missing out on “Idols South Africa.”

The error did not go unnoticed on Twitter.

Distracted by Golf? / @PresidencyZA OH NO!! I'm missing out on @IdolsSA. I'm far away in another timezone. #sadness

— David Clinch (@DavidClinchNews) July 22, 2012

@PresidencyZA OW HELL NO REALLY!!!! ????? !!!!! Sadness!!!!!! LMAO!!!!!!!

— K E N Z O Luthuli (@KenzoL_) July 22, 2012

tweet of the year “@PresidencyZA: OH NO!! I'm missing out on @IdolsSA. I'm far away in another timezone. #sadness

— James Styan (@jamesstyan) July 22, 2012


The Idols SA tweet by the @PresidencyZA is a clear demonstration why communication has to be in the hands of professionals

— Victor Dlamini (@victordlamini) July 22, 2012

Next thing @PresidencyZA will be tweeting about how he missed Khethiwe and #Generations.

— Nchema (@ShottaZee) July 22, 2012

That forced the administration to tweet a correction.

The last tweet was not an official tweet from The Presidency or the President but rather an administrative error. Our apologies.

— PresidencyZA (@PresidencyZA) July 22, 2012

That @presidencyza tweet about Idols is up there with the Hashim Amla performance, legendary 😀

— Gugulethu Vacu (@GugzenV) July 22, 2012

I reckon whoever manages @PresidencyZA’s account tweeted from there by mistake. Who hacks the Presidents twitter and tweets about Idols?

— Raeesah Vawda (@raeesahv) July 22, 2012

@PresidencyZA No surprises there. #fail

— Pipster (@PippaAlcock) July 22, 2012

@PresidencyZA Ha ha. We all enjoyed it, nonetheless.

— regrum (@regrum) July 22, 2012

Job opening for content manager at @PresidencyZA

— unapologetiKAYLI (@KayliVee) July 22, 2012

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