#Other5PercentObamaCuts: Tweeters suggest more ways for Obama to trim fiscal fat


President Obama will reportedly return 5% of his salary to the Treasury in order to prove to furloughed workers that he feels their pain. But, well, that got some Twitterers to thinking: if the president is serious about trimming 5 percent from his precious salary, where else could he make cuts? The possibilities are endless!

#Other5PercentObamaCuts Obamas will spend 4 hours less on vacation every month.

— jdonels (@jdonels) April 3, 2013

#Other5PercentObamaCutsObama admin will allow 5% less illegally purchased guns to be smuggled to Mexico.

— Christy (@desertgardens) April 3, 2013

#Other5PercentObamaCuts 5% less time picking terrier from his teeth.

— Hugo Hackenbush(@MangyLover) April 3, 2013

#Other5PercentObamaCutsFuture Obama speeches will include 5% fewer self-referential personal pronouns

— Jim Branch (@jamesbranch3) April 3, 2013

#Other5PercentObamaCuts – 5% reduction in bowing to foreign leaders

— Andrew Young (@NucMM1retired) April 3, 2013

When will Michelle’s wardrobe budget get this? #Other5PercentObamaCuts @cameron_gray

— ZanBunn (@zanbunn) April 3, 2013

#Other5PercentObamaCuts Reduce the number of “uh’s” per presidential speech by 5%.

— Maria Van Daele (@mfvandaele) April 3, 2013

#Other5PercentObamaCuts – reduce 5% of the words used on teleprompter.

— Andrew Young (@NucMM1retired) April 3, 2013

Obama has announced he will only play 17 holes of golf Sunday. #Other5PercentObamaCuts

— Pundit Review (@PunditReview) April 3, 2013

#Other5PercentObamaCuts Michelle will only dictate what we must eat for 20 meals out of our week instead of 21.

— Drone Bait (@BigRMV) April 3, 2013

#Other5PercentObamaCuts Will only use 19 kids for props on Gun Control speeches instead of 20

— RayCo (@RCope48) April 3, 2013

#Other5PercentObamaCuts 5% less use of the phrase “Let me be clear..”

— Christy (@desertgardens) April 3, 2013

#Other5PercentObamaCuts – The auto pen will now use 5% less ink when signing laws

— Cameron Gray (@Cameron_Gray) April 3, 2013

#Other5PercentObamaCuts 5% less info on Benghazi.#whatdifferencedoesitmake

— Mike Benedict (@mikeyb3102) April 3, 2013

#Other5PercentObamaCuts: Spending 5% less time out on the campaign trail when he’s already won re-election.

— Jeff Kennedy (D) (@JeffOutLoud) April 3, 2013

Brilliant! Are you taking all these down, Mr. President?

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