‘Oversight my ass’! Anyone buy WH’s excuse for sketchy Bergdahl swap?

The White House didn’t mean to possibly violate the law when it issued the release of five Taliban leaders for Bowe Bergdahl. It was just an “oversight”:

From The Hill:

Feinstein told reporters that she received a call from Deputy National Security Adviser Tony Blinken on Monday evening apologizing for what the administration is calling an “oversight.”

“I had a call from the White House last night, from Tony Blinken, apologizing for it,” she said.

“He apologized and said it was an oversight,” she added.

Also worth noting:

So, both House and Senate Intelligence Committee members were against the exchange — as reportedly were officials at the Pentagon and in intelligence — and the White House did it anyway? Guess that’s just water under the bridge now, since the White House feels bad and all:


They didn’t mean to do it. Honest!

Over the years, the Obama White House has proven itself to be many things. Sorry isn’t one of them.


Here’s something to ponder:

That’s what we’d like to know.


Still waiting.

Editor’s note: This post has been amended to clarify that those opposing the prisoners’ release — in addition to members of the House and Senate Intelligence committees — were Pentagon and intelligence officials. More on that here.

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