Proof that no one can resist the siren call of Rick Leventhal (Bonus: Breakfast TMI)!/RickLeventhal/status/380234969450168320

Oh dear! But, no worries: All was OK, thankfully. But was there a sinister reason for the alarm?!/RickLeventhal/status/380237430084734976

Ha! A siren in response to the irresistible siren call of Fox News’ Rick Leventhal.!/EXIT_OPHELIA/status/380288313976176640


He gives the all-clear news:!/RickLeventhal/status/380239421540286464

Whew! However, Leventhal must have suffered some trauma as his breakfast TMI reveals:!/RickLeventhal/status/380344326934376449

Dude. Twenty? Chick-fil-A is awesome, but still.!/retiredsarge08/status/380346722238889984

Others were able to swallow the thought.!/ravynnexus/status/380348425868304384

And a probing exit question:!/varifrank/status/380344592719024128

Some things should just remain secret.


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