Richard Dawkins attacks Romney for being a Mormon!/RichardDawkins/status/247376078631493632

Outspoken atheist Richard Dawkins unsurprisingly attacked Mitt Romney for being a Mormon.

Romney saw fit to speak at "Liberty" University. Will not "take God out of the public square." Good. So religion is fair game. Mormonism!

— Richard Dawkins (@RichardDawkins) September 16, 2012

Dawkins has called Romney a “gullible fool” for his beliefs.

US election 2012: Richard Dawkins calls Mitt Romney 'gullible fool' over Mormon faith

— (@NewsStand247) September 13, 2012

Dawkins has made a career out of criticizing religion. With Romney being the first Mormon presidential nominee from a major political party, his religion has taken an abnormal beating.

@RichardDawkins Movement starts now. I've never heard Romney explain the magic underwear thing, but thats something he needs to address.

— Colin Van Dyke (@ColinJ1989) September 16, 2012

Romney supporters must face the fact that there will be a double-standard in the media when it comes to reporting and answering the assaults on his religion.

RT @immolations: richard dawkins is basically that 13 year own kid shouting "god isn't real!" except without the whole "HAIL SATAN!" gimmick

— Steven★★★☆☆Sanders (@stevensanders) September 16, 2012

its weird that @RichardDawkins isnt verified yet. guess the religious idiots at @twitter dont like the truth bombs he drops? heh, nooblets

— Jorts RR Martin (@scrublord) September 16, 2012

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