Roy Naim, ‘face of immigration reform,’ held on child porn charges!/TheDreamisNow/status/316334802666131457

Meet Roy Naim. He’s American, just not legally. Oh, and he’s also being held without bail at the moment on child pornography charges.

The New York Daily News Reports:

Roy Naim, 29, who bills himself as an immigration activist, allegedly downloaded at least three illicit videos featuring underage boys from the website of another sicko based in Louisiana who made the porn, a complaint filed in Brooklyn Federal Court says.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Saritha Komatireddy said the defendant was soliciting others to produce kiddie porn and was a risk to flee to Israel.

Naim was featured in Time magazine in 2012 as part of “We Are Americans,” the magazine’s look into the lives of 35 illegal aliens who are not Americans. He has since become a poster boy for immigration reform and won fans like illegal alien reporter turned activist Jose Antonio Vargas.!/joseiswriting/status/375723720381177856

Did anyone mention Naim is the Jewish face of the immigration reform struggle? Time to find a new face, perhaps?!/DavidLeopold/status/361797084745170944!/KalDraws/status/379668870157438976


These are some of Naim’s most recent tweets before his arrest on Wednesday.!/roynaim/status/378120234903023616!/roynaim/status/378334954884591617!/roynaim/status/379667158319378432!/roynaim/status/379668589344587776

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