Running scared! David Corn ups the insane panic over O’Keefe vid with THIS

Yep! As Twitchy reported, the latest Project Veritas election investigation video was released Wednesday morning (video at the link). Hardest hit? Donna Brazile and gasbag David Corn.

Mother Jones editor and MSNBC analyst David Corn swiftly spun into panicked denial mode.

Looky here, buddy:

But … but … call the waahm-bulance!


Um. Is that not a problem, Mr. Corn? What about this?

Bingo. And then came the typical and predictable “edited” nonsense.

Pathetic, Corn.

But Corn delved further into spin insanity with this:


The absurdity of that pitiful screeching aside, here’s an exit question for you, Mr. Corn:


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