See A Penny, Pick It Up…And Make One Of These 26 Epic Crafts

Pennies are pretty much useless currency in this day and age. What can they really buy you? But maybe we’re looking at it all wrong…instead of what they can buy you, how about what can they make you?

If you’re one to toss your pennies in the change plate at your local coffee shop or overlook a one-center on the ground, you should take a gander at these cool projects. All of them take just a few pennies to make…with epic end results.

1. First things first, if you want to clean some old pennies, just grab some salt and white vinegar.

2. For a simple craft, try this stamped penny pendant.

You can also buy it here.

3. If you have a bunch of different colors, try this framed penny art.

4. Mark memorable dates with pennies in a frame.

5. These penny spinners are fun for your kids.

6. Make an intricate, modern necklace.

7. Or if you want to get rid of the faces, try this style.

She flattened these on a railroad track.

8. If you want to add pennies to your wardrobe, make them into buttons!

9. This is a simpler look for some penny buttons.

10. And if you hate the look of copper, just paint ’em white!

This is actually made from an oatmeal container!

11. Use an old bowling ball to make a beautiful garden orb.

12. Frame a mirror or photo with your precious cents.

13. This starburst design is also fun!

14. Jazz up any tabletop.

15. We don’t recommend it, but you could put these penny napkin rings on that table.

16. Or this penny tray!

Make one for yourself!

17. A bar made of pennies seems appropriate.

18. But you can also just make a coffee table out of them.

19. If you just want a small home decor addition, go for this vase.

20. These coasters add just the right touch of copper to a table.

21. Anything can be art…even pennies!

22. Make your money into wall art with these block letters.

23. Take them outdoors for a birdhouse build.

24. Go bold with your loose change and make a wall of it.

25. Or, you can just do an accent area.

26. If you’re super ambitious, take it to the floor!

I’m officially going to become a penny hoarder just so I can try all of these out…or would that be overkill?

I guess I can change the leftovers in for dollars, too.

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