Shameless pander: President Obama ‘slow jams’ the news with Jimmy Fallon, drops mic, kids swoon!/whitehouse/status/195012523827793920

If you thought President Bill Clinton’s MTV “boxers-or-briefs” moment was mortifying, you’ll need an airsickness bag after watching Jimmy Fallon play the Obama=cool card with the UNC yoots by enlisting the commander-in-chief to…slow jam the news:

The kids ate it up:!/k8treines/status/195019378931154945

Obama is hilariously reading off the teleprompter right now. Slowly nodding during slow jam of the news. #obamaonfallon

— Callie Schweitzer (@cschweitz) April 25, 2012

@Dinsmoor: Just watched @BarackObama slow jam the news with @jimmyfallon. My life has been made. #obamaonfallon

— Alex Dinsmoor (@Dinsmoor) April 25, 2012

We have the coolest president EVER! Seeing @BarackObama Slow Jam the News just made my fucking life! @jimmyfallon #lnjf #ObamaonFallon

— Kristen Marx (@Kristen_Marx) April 25, 2012!/ChelleBybee/status/195012786835824640

But not everyone was grooving with Fallon and Obama:

Just don't slow jam the recovery RT @whitehouse: #ObamaonFallon now: "I'm President Barack Obama & I too want to Slow Jam the News"

— Mitch Potter (@MPwrites) April 25, 2012

. @BarackObama On @jimmyfallon doing a slow jam?? That's kinda low… #Unpresidential #Embarassing

— Monette Hubbs (@MoLovesOc) April 25, 2012

Celeb Presidency cont. RT: @whitehouse: #ObamaonFallon now: "I'm President Barack Obama & I too want to Slow Jam the News #DontDoubleMyRate

— Spencer Pederson (@spencerpederson) April 25, 2012

Has anyone offered Jimmy Fallon ice for his knees yet? #JustAsking

— Christian Collins (@mediachristian4) April 25, 2012

Not so cool: Dropping the mic at the end like he couldn’t wait to get it over with…

Obama dropped the mic. Seriously RT @jose3030: VIDEO: Slow Jam The News with Barack Obama: Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

— CE's Mustache (@CEs_Mustache) April 25, 2012

Barack Obama dropped the Mic. Literally

— D (@DrGivenchy) April 25, 2012

But, of course, the Obama-bots thought that was cool, too!

Oh shit lmaooo Obama just dropped the mic lol #swaggy

— Lin (@MaMacita718) April 25, 2012

Did President Obama really just dropped the mic like Sexual Chocolate in Coming to America. LOL! #JimmyFallon

— Jonathan Azu (@jazu) April 25, 2012

Obama just dropped the mic Chris Rock style. #DontDoubleMyRate

— Discovery Zone (@Zimbroni) April 25, 2012

Obama dropped the mic? He just had an 8 mile moment #badass

— Matthew Siroskey (@MatthewSiroskey) April 25, 2012


Hey, Jimmy Fallon: Slow-jam this.





Well, this certainly puts a damper on the youth frenzy, doesn’t it?

OUCH: "According to CBO, the President’s proposals would reduce economic output by between 0.5 & 2.2% after five years"

— WhiteHousePressCorps (@whpresscorps) April 25, 2012


Earlier today: Jimmy Fallon, Obama fan boy

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