She Spent Her Entire Life In A Birdcage, But She Was Finally Rescued

Arriving on the scene after receiving a tip about a cat living in terrible conditions, the rescuers at Furry Nation Salvation were shocked by what they found. They quickly figured out that this cat had spent most of her life up to that point in a birdcage. Worst of all, she was absolutely covered in fleas.

Taking no time to negotiate with the cat’s owner, they immediately whisked her away to safety. But what happened next was the biggest miracle of all.

This cat had never been given the chance to experience life outside of the cage she was born in one year ago.

The first order of business was a flea bath. She was also treated for various skin and bladder infections.

But what couldn’t be fixed right away was the psychological damage. At first, she wouldn’t move an inch when she was free to wander. But with the help of a two-year-old girl, she soon became a fun-loving kitty!

And it wasn’t long before she found a forever home. She went to a lovely couple, and they’re finally helping her live the life she deserves.

And she got a new name, too. Meet Peppermint, everyone!

Check out a video of this cutie in action:

(via iHeartCats / The Dodo)

In order to save more cats like this, consider donating today! We wish little Peppermint nothing but the best.

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