Snooki plans to bring her baby to the shore next year!/snooki/status/219082728925171712

Baby fist pump!

Snooki hasn’t given birth yet, but the Twitterverse fears the booze-swilling, tan-loving “Jersey Shore” star may already be a frontrunner for Mom of the Year 2013.

@snooki why would you ever bring your baby to seaside…..?

— KG (@kristinegaul) June 30, 2012

Never 2 early 4 baby tan!"@snooki: Seeing all these families down the shore makes me so EXCITED to bring my little one down here next year!"

— Mrs. Roboto (@Liz_Elias) June 30, 2012

.@snooki bring him to the fucking club bro you can get drunk as fuck and you know babies love loud techno shit

— The Juggernaut Bitch (@MoFoJuggernaut) June 30, 2012

Snooki is going to be a terrible mom she said she was going to throw up after looking at the sonogram and said her baby looked like an alien

— Dominique (@I_AmDominique) June 30, 2012


What do you think? Will Snooki change her hard-partying ways before taking her vomit-inducing “alien” to the shore next year?

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