Someone Should Tell These Dogs They Aren’t Cats. Even If They ARE Super Cute.

Usually, people define themselves as “cat people” or “dog people.” Cats and dogs are such different parts of the family, you can easily see why people draw that line in the sand. Cats keep to themselves and are independent. Dogs love being part of the action and need their pack master. 

But what about dogs who forgot not to act like cats? These confused canines must have been hanging around their kitty friends too much, because I think they got a little confused… 

At least it’s adorable:

1.) “Why is the dog on the tree, now?”

2.) Yay, this is for me!

3.) If we fits? We sits.

4.) Some little puppy thought he found his brother.

5.) Just chillaxing and sunbathing with the cat.

6.) Now, firefighters need to rescue dogs, too.

7.) There’s always more room on the cat tree.

8.) Aww, look at those pretty kitties.

9.) Well, the cats made this seem really important.

10.) Awww, they even sit alike.

11.) Ah, yes, the graceful Husky feline…

12.) No matter how catlike some dogs are, they can’t resist sniffing butts.

13.) Look at me, look at me!

14.) Cat-sized and proud of it!

15.) Curled up in a ball? Check. Hating the rain? Double check.

16.) Unfortunately, dogs don’t land on their feet nearly as much.

17.) The cat tree tubes were basically made for wiener dogs.

18.) Unfortunately, Sandy could only make it to the first kitty tree tier.

19.) SUP? Meow.

20.) Shhh, no one tell her she isn’t a cat…

It’s just TOO precious.

(H/T Dashburst, LifeBuzz)

It doesn’t matter if these dogs are having adorable identity crises… it’s just so cute! Whatever you do, don’t treat your cat like a dog. 95% of cat owners who attempt to take their cats on walks are never seen again.

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