Something Terrifying Ripped This Guy’s Car Apart In His Driveway

If you were asked why you lock your car at night, you’d most likely say that you didn’t want another person breaking into it.

Up until now, that’s the only thing I’ve ever feared when it comes to my vehicle. But after reading this guy’s story, I realize that there’s a lot more to be afraid of during the dark hours, and it has nothing to do with people.

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When Redditor Moongoat drove home and parked in his driveway one night, he had no reason to believe that anything would happen to his beloved vehicle. But when he came back outside, he witnessed the work of a horrifying beast.

He had spent only a couple of hours inside the house when he walked outside to find this.

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Something had literally torn into his car and ripped off pieces.

Even the metal fender was savagely attacked — look at those teeth marks!

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He found blood, which he believes came from the metal cutting the animal’s mouth.

Apparently the creature was trying to get to Moongoat’s terrified cat, who was hiding underneath the car.

Luckily the kitty was fine, but it’s obvious that this beast did not have good intentions for him.

Moongoat and his girlfriend called the police, who believe that it was likely a rabid dog with incredible strength. But I’m not so sure I buy that…what dog could do this?

Well, that’s enough to convince me to never go outside at night again. Who knows what could be lurking out there?

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