The 50 World Maps May Change How You View The World. I Never Knew This Before.

Studying world maps is probably something you had to do in grade school. However, you probably didn’t see any of these maps in your geography books. Check out these new and unique world maps. They will leave you scratching your head. How did I never realize most of these things before now? Some of the maps detail history, while others explain some brand-new trends. (It’s time to take some notes.) Take a moment to learn a little something new about the world around us. You won’t regret it..

1. The true size of Africa.

2. The most consumed alcoholic beverages around the world.

3. The flow of the world’s oil.

4. Map of Pangea with current International borders.

5. The world’s population concentrated into a single city

6. How the United States would look today if every attempt to secede from the union had been successful.

7. How the world looked during the last ice age.

8. Currencies from around the world.

9. The most photographed places in the world.

10. Prison population per 100,000 people – the US tops the list.

11. There’s no up or down in space. This is the South-up Map.

12. Countries of the world that Britain has not invaded or occupied.

13. Where people feel the most and least loved.

14. How the US compares to the rest of the world on economic inequality. In blue countries, income is more equally divided than in America.

15. Worldwide links between Facebook friends.

16. The most used web browsers by country.

17. Child poverty rates in the “developed world.”

18. The world’s nuclear powers.

19. Number of heavy metal bands per 100,000 people.

20. A one year cycle of Earth’s seasons.

21. The history of the United States.

22. The spread of the Mongol Empire.

23. World colonization since 1492.

24. Global internet usage based on time of day.

25. Literal Chinese translations of European country names.

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