The Bolton Strid Is A Breathtakingly Beautiful Stream That Swallows People

This stream is called the Bolton Strid. It’s located in the English countryside and looks like the stuff fairy tales are made of, but underneath the surface, it holds a deadly secret.

Though it is narrow, it is massively powerful. The Strid, as it’s commonly known, is a section of the large River Wharfe, and when the river is forced through the small space, it gains incredible speed. Much of the river is sent down into chasms and tunnels beneath the ground.

The Strid is only about six feet across, but the strong undercurrents and deep caves have claimed the lives of swimmers and those who have tried to jump across.

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In fact, no one who has entered the Strid has ever made it out alive, and their bodies have never been recovered.

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Famous poet William Wordsworth immortalized one of these deaths in “The Force of Prayer.” The poem notes the power of the Strid and the tragedy of a young boy’s passing. The Bolton Strid has been memorialized in other art forms, as well.

I don’t know about you, but all of the legends just make me want to go visit more. Just remember, fellow tourists, to stay away from the edge!

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