The Optical Illusion Street Art That Just Appeared In Istanbul Is Beautiful.

Spanish street artist Pejac recently visited Istanbul and, of course, left behind some new pieces in the Uskudar district on the Asian side of the city. Collectively, the three pieces are called “Lock, Poster and Shutters.”


The three new pieces were placed closely together. They are each surreal interpretations of windows. Their realistic style makes them appear, at first glance, to actually be features of the wall they’re painted on.

Pejac uses acrylic paint, pencil and sandpaper to create the designs. He uses colors similar to their surroundings for a natural, unassuming look. The illusion is all in the technique, which is known as trompe l’oeil. The term is French for “deceive the eye.”


The creation of Poster

The pieces each depict windows, or at least some version of them. Pejac explains that he chose windows as his subject to explore the concepts of the “perception and illusion of freedom.” He chose to use the trompe l’oeil technique specifically for this project. He described it as a “trap” and said, in a press release, “in the case of these three windows the trap works in both directions: from outside to inside and from inside to outside.”


Via Colossal|Complex

Pejac has been making a name for himself in the street art world, and if you’re interested in his work, you can follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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