There’s A Girl In Pennsylvania Who Can Get Squirrels To Do Anything. And I Mean ANYTHING.

Most squirrels on college campuses usually don’t mind interacting with students. After all, picking up random bits of food is probably how most of those squirrels get fed. But a few critters on the Penn State campus befriended a college student named Mary Krupa in a way you probably have never seen before. Mary is becoming quite the local legend. She is a squirrel whisperer. She and Sneezy the squirrel have such a unique relationship, she can even create little squirrel outfits for him. This is seriously adorable… even if it’s a little bit strange.

Sneezy the squirrel is actually 4 different squirrels.

But only Mary can really tell the difference.

She dresses her squirrel friends in custom costumes.

With tiny hats…

Tiny sunglasses…

Tiny bows…

And basically everything tiny and awesome.

How does she form such a friendship with these squirrels?

We may never know.

Just appreciate the awesomeness of it all.

No matter how strange it seems.

(H/T Twenty Two Words) And I can’t even get my dog to wear his harness most days. If you happen to get close to a squirrel of your own, don’t assume that they will be as friendly as Sneezy. Squirrels are wild animals and may bite or scratch if they feel threatened. So just kick back and enjoy the pictures of lil Sneezy… and share them with others!

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