These 17 Ads From The Past Will Probably Disgust You. Unless You Really Hate Women.

There was a time in the history of the United States where groups of people weren’t treated as equals. We have witnessed various atrocities committed in the US, most of which will never be equaled. However, some people might not realize the slow, insulting battle that women have been fighting over the decades against their male counterparts. There was a time when sexism was so rampant, ads like the ones seen below were considered completely normal…

1.) Bless your heart, honey, because this is completely condescending.

2.) Your morning breath scares off men and will ensure you will die alone, woman.

3.) No, this isn’t overtly sexual at all.

4.) If you want a man, you need to cook. Plain and simple.

5.) Because it’s literally only about the man.

6.) All women have girlhood dreams of cooking for their man. All of them.

7.) Let’s hope he didn’t hit her with the bottles.

8.) Morning sickness is apparently no excuse for a woman to be out of the kitchen.

9.) Women can be hosed down when dirty, just like animals.

10.) Don’t worry about your job, worry about your manicure, ladies.

11.) Because the road to anorexia starts at home.

12.) If you have any money saved, spend it on products that make you look better for your man

13.) That ad copy should just read “women are objects used for sex who are obsessed with telephones.”

14.) I’ve never wanted to punch a cartoon in the face so badly before.

15.) Van Heusen – for the sociopath in all of us.

16.) “Men are better than women.” It literally says that.

17.) Because domestic abuse is okay… as long as she bought the wrong kind of coffee.

So, here’s what those ads are telling us: women are objects, they’re only good for cooking and it’s completely acceptable to beat them for doing a bad job. Just a few decades ago, the US was kind of a scary place. For a woman anyway. (H/T BuzzFeed) Share these crazy ads with others by clicking below.

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