These Are The Worst People in America, Maybe In The World. And Someone Finally Got Inside.

Most Americans have heard of the Ku Klux Klan, but how many realize that the Klan isn’t just a part of history and is still functioning today? Photojournalist Anthony Karen gained the trust of a group of Klan members so that he could give the public a candid look of the inner workings of the KKK. The juxtaposition of wholesome family gatherings and their aggressively racist beliefs and protests is shocking.

The photojournalist documented a real, persistent part of the American culture. The woman below showed off her Klan wedding veil as her fiance proudly looked on.

The Ku Klux Klan still has many members and although they have horrific outlooks, many Klansmen still seem to have normal lives.

Anthony spent a long time gaining the trust of the KKK members to get such candid photos of them.

Scenes like this are a normal part of life for some Klan members; an older Klansman aims a pellet gun at a cockroach on the wall while the women looking on take cover.

Candidates that want to be part of the KKK take part in a naturalization ritual, they must work to become part of the “invisible empire.”

The group was originally created by Confederate veterans in the aftermath of the American Civil war.

Their religion is a key component to their belief; they desire the separation of the races, claiming interbreeding between ethnicities goes against God’s will.

Klan members have families like everyone else.

Their days are full of meals, jobs, errands and people they love.

A son of an Imperial Wizard wears his solemn dark robes.

This mother puts the finishing touches on a robe for a Knighthawk, a security position within the Klan.

A Klansman reflects during a unity gathering at his own home.

The “cross lighting” ceremony (what the rest of the world knows as cross burning), is meant to dispel darkness in their lives. The Klan believe this ritual to be sacred.

A family enjoys time together and a cookout while prepping for a cross lighting ceremony.

Mothers and their children relax during a break at the annual congress.

The KKK reached its peak in the 1920s, where there were as many as six million members. Today, there probably isn’t more than 8,000 members in the Klan. Are they the worst people in America? Or just misunderstood. Share this story with others. Source

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