These Bizarre Laws And Facts About Laws Are So Weird. Is This Real Life?

Laws are supposed to be put into place to protect us, but with some of them–especially those listed below–it seems like the main goal is to leave us scratching our heads. After you read this, you’ll continuously wonder if you’re breaking some obscure old law that doesn’t seem to make sense anymore.

It’s not just laws that are strange though, even the most normal and understandable one can have a back story that makes it seem as strange as a law that forbids chickens from crossing the road, which exists. Seriously. Check these weird laws and facts about laws out!  

(via Full Punch)

I sure hope being confused isn’t illegal… because I’d be a felon right about now. These laws are so strange, how are they still on the books? Help your friends stay out of jail by sharing these weird laws with them. Click on the Share button below!

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