These People Are So Far From Understanding Technology, It Hurts.

Keeping up with all of the newest technology can be hard. It seems like every week there is a new gadget that you need to learn how to use and you’ll forget about it in a week when the newest tech comes out. Each generation grows up with a unique set of digital advances. As time goes on, even you will feel the struggle of keeping up with technology. 

It’s understandable when people are slow to catch on, but this? These people understand so little about the world, it actually HURTS.

1.) I don’t know what’s going on here, but I refuse to respond to it.

2.) Nope. That’s not it.

3.) Sooner or later, they’ll figure it out.

4.) …. I guess that works.

5.) I wish I could explain to them how unnecessary this is.

6.) That’s a great shot.

7.) Awwwww, this one is kind of cute.

8.) This truck refuses to get with the program.

9.) I blame the phone for this one.

10.) No, grandma, you’re not going deaf…

11.) At least he can pretend to be Bane.

12.) I hope she was being funny. I sincerely hope.


If I’m ever so lost one day I try plugging my phone into some fruit, I’ll just abandon society and live in the woods with bears. Share these hilarious tech fails with others by clicking on the blue button below!

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