These People Are Totally Overwhelmed In The Greatest Way Possible. Their Losing It Is Your Gain.

Have you ever been so overwhelmed by a moment that you completely lost control? Perhaps you applauded a little bit too hard at a ballgame or laughed a little bit too loud at the movies–or maybe your mind was actually blown by a random fact about James K. Polk (he was the 11th President of the United States – Whoa!). Well, if you haven’t, these folks certainly did enough losing their minds for all of us. Their loss is truly our gain. Check them out!

1. If the background is any indication, he should have no problem calming down.

2. He’s so shocked, even he doesn’t know if he’s happy or angry.

3. I hope she at least held on to the receipt.

4. Wait until this little guy experiences his first bridge.

5. And that’s how he decided to go paperless with his home business.

6. Maybe they shouldn’t get started on “Breaking Bad” right away.

7. Sometimes you just gotta smooch.

8. The soda is a metaphor, probably.

9. The “it” in “losing it” doesn’t always have to be your cool.

10. I don’t think he approves.

11. We’ve all been there.

12. Sometimes the nostalgia is just too much.

13. To the victor goes the strange dancing.

14. He’s so excited and he can indeed fight it.

15. That explains why most employers won’t let you bring a bat to work anymore.

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