These Strange But True Facts Will Really Surprise You. #31 Has Me Seriously Scared.

Without a doubt we live in a strange world that seems to get stranger everyday. Don’t believe me? Well luckily this handy dandy list of 34 crazy, but true, facts proves it.

Check them out below, but be warned: #31 cannot be unseen.

1.) Talk about performance anxiety.

2.) That is amazing.

3.) Uhh, ok?

4.) I wonder what the ouija board told them.

5.) I can’t even imagine how painful that was.

6.) Female empowerment.

7.) It definitely made the movie better.

8.) Maybe it’s time to switch to Celsius?

9.) Hard to argue with that.

10.) Glad to see someone shares my opinion.

11.) Science is wonderful.

12.) That’s just sick.

13.) I’ve always wondered if that might work.

14.) The real survivor man.

15.) That’s news to me.

16.) So much for clean energy.

17.) Silly wabbit.

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