This Craigslist DIY Find Will Leave You Wanting To Explore The Open Seas

Most crafters know that Craigslist is a veritable DIY goldmine. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just for getting paired with terrible roommates in new cities.

Take what Reddit user robinson217 found, for example. He was able to buy an old sailboat on Craigslist for just $200 and he later transformed it into a totally awesome (and 100 percent usable) boat. Prepare to be extremely jealous.

Here’s the sailboat he started with. Not exactly sea-worthy.

Luckily for this do-it-youselfer, the vessel came with sails and everything.

The hull tops had to be delaminated.

He drilled holes into the fiberglass and then used a syringe to fill them in with exopy resin.

Next, he sanded the surface and added layers of fiberglass to build up the hull.

A little Bondo putty goes a long way, which makes it perfect for projects like this one!

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After a fresh coat of paint, the first hull was ready for some seafaring action.

Wash, rinse, repeat. After that, it was time to address the port side.

At that point, he just did a little more drilling and filling.

The port hull had quite a few dings that needed quick repairs.

The tops of the hulls were painted with Rustoleum topside paint above the boat’s waterline.

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The sides were painted with Rostoleum enamel paint. He then added magic hardener to turn this oil-based paint into something that looks like it was applied in a professional shop!

It was a family affair. He had his father cut out vinyl lettering for the side of the boat.

On they went!

The tags followed.

Like any good ship, it needed a name. They went with Hobie.

After that, she was ready for her maiden voyage!

Then came the ultimate test: Would she float?

Fortunately, it was smooth sailing!

Check out these drastic before-and-after photos of the Hobie sailboat.

I’m ready and willing to answer the call when robinson217 needs a first mate to join him out there! For more details, check this out.

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