This Daredevil’s Latest Stunt Is Proving He Isn’t Afraid Of Heights

British daredevil and parkour enthusiast Max Cave is quite literally taking his stunts to new heights!

Cave is a member of a parkour team called Storror. They’re a group of extremists who travel the world in search of their next dangerous stunt.

In a recent trip to Hong Kong, Cave, wearing only street clothes and no protective gear whatsoever, takes a running start and leaps from one 25-story apartment building to another. Successfully clearing the jump, he lands on a small, 15 centimeter platform, leaving no room for error.

You’re going to want to be sitting down for this one…

And if that doesn’t have your adrenaline pumping, check out this video of Cave letting loose in Italy.

For even more daredevilish feats, check out Cave and his fellow Storrors on their YouTube channel.

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