This Distinguished WWII Veteran Might Have The Saddest Funeral Ever. This Is Heartwrenching.

An undertaker in Blackpool, England is hoping to fill some seats in honor of a Royal Air Force veteran who recently passed away without any mourners to attend his funeral. Sidney Marshall died in his home in Lythan St. Annes two weeks ago at age 90. He spent his youth fighting during World War II, present during several game changing combats against the Nazis and received a medal of honor for his bravery and skill. And now this incredible hero is in danger of not receiving a proper send off.

Pictured here with his wife Elizabeth, the couple had no children. She passed away 18 months ago.

As a mid-gunner during WWII, Sidney was awarded the Distinguished Flying Medal for shooting down German fighters.

He was also present during the attack which sank The Tirpitz, a Bismarck-class battleship built for Nazi Germany’s Kriegsmarine, on November 12, 1944.

Undertaker Eddy Jacobs is urging people to attend the funeral service. “We’ve got so much to be thankful for to guys like these.”

H/T: Daily Mail. After the war, the veteran settled down with his wife and became a warrant officer. He is survived by eight siblings, though all except one are too elderly to make it to the funeral. The service will take place at 1:30 in the afternoon on July 4th at Lytham Park Crematorium. They are requesting no flowers, but donations can be made to Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund. Share with your friends to make sure this great man gets the honorable goodbye he deserves.

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