This Is What Dessert At The Highest Rated Restaurant In America Looks Like. Crazy!

When you order dessert at a restaurant and they start by unrolling a silicone mat over your table before bringing it out, you know you are in for something truly unique and strange.

That is exactly what they do at Alinea, which is a three-starred Michelin star restaurant in Chicago. Having a one star means that you’re already an amazing restaurant, but having three stars is being at the top of the culinary world. You don’t just get there by only serving things that taste good, but you’re actively progressing the boundaries and knowledge of your respective cuisine.

This may seem like a bit of a joke to most of us, but it takes serious skill and hard work to create a truly unique dish like this…although you probably have to join the Illuminati to be able to experience it.

(Source: forbin1185 on YouTube)

When they broke the spheres on the table it was so surreal, it really looked like something out of a Monty Python episode.

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