This Is What Happens When You Take The Famous Out Of Famous Photos.

Below are some of the most famous pictures that have ever been taken in the entire history of photography. That said, you might not be able to recognize them. Why? Because these versions of the famous photographs are missing a little something. To be specific, they’re missing exactly what made them famous in the first place.

You probably could have guessed that removing the focal point out of a photograph would severely alter it, but you really don’t know how much it will change things until you see the pictures without their subjects. Take a look.  


Vancouver Riot

Vancouver Riot iaurai iaurai iaurai


Tanks iaurai iaurai iaurai

Hitler Takes A Tour Of Paris

Hitler Takes A Tour Of Paris iaurai iaurai


9/11 iaurai iaurai

Monk Protest

Monk Protest iaurai iaurai

Apollo 11

Apollo 11 iaurai iaurai

Wait for Me, Daddy

Wait for Me, Daddy iaurai iaurai

Comet of the Century

Comet of the Century iaurai iaurai

The Blue Marble

The Blue Marble iaurai iaurai

The Damage Done

The Damage Done iaurai

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How did you make out trying to identify the photographs? Pretty tough, wasn’t it?

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