This Kid Told His Dad To Stop Embarrassing Him. After This, He Will Regret It Forever. LOL.

Being a teenager is hard, no matter where you grew up or what kind of life you have. Take Rain, for example. Rain is a 16 year-old boy that is probably dealing with a lot of social stresses in high school… and now, he deals with daily torture from his awesome father, Dale. When Dale and his wife Rochelle used to say goodbye to their son in the morning, they would wave as he left for school.

Rain hated it and asked his mom, “Don’t let dad go out there again.” Dale saw that as a fatherly challenge and the hilarious pictures below were his payback.

This is Rain and his father.

This is what Dale decided to do since his son was embarrassed by him.

The only way out is through, Rain.

And that is how you win at parenting.


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