This Kind Man Welcomes Everyone Into His Mosque…Even Stray Cats

There’s a mosque in Istanbul, Turkey, that takes in any and all visitors. No matter who they are, all visitors are encouraged to come in and stay a while — even if they’re stray cats. Why? Because Imam Mustafa Efe believes in offering generosity to all creatures in need, human or otherwise.

It’s no wonder that word of his good deeds has taken the Internet by storm. His work really should be applauded.

Calling the cats “guests” of the mosque, he makes them feel right at home.

This cat loved it so much that he never left!

Another cat has moved in to ensure that her kittens can grow up somewhere safe and warm.

Watch as she carries each kitten into the mosque!

“The kitty has found the heart of compassion and mercy,” Imam Efe wrote in a Facebook post.

If you want more adorable feline action, check this out.

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Sevimli Misafirlerimiz Ayaklandı…

Posted by Mustafa Efe on Monday, May 4, 2015

(via Love Meow)

What Imam Mustafa Efe is doing is nothing short of amazing. We should all lead by his example and lend a helping hand to those in need.

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