This Man Survived What? But The Knife Went Straight Into His Head!

Someone call Chicken Little and tell him to stay inside. No, the sky itself isn’t falling, but if knives are dropping through the atmosphere like rain drops, none of us can be too careful. Just ask Xiao Yunzhi of Guangyuan, China, who took a 5” knife to the side of the head while walking down the street. Apparently, the knife was being kept in a flowerpot on the balcony of a nearby high-rise apartment and was blown into the freefall that was eventually broken by Xiao’s head by a gust of wind.

If that sounds crazy, brace yourself for this unbelievable piece of information. Despite having a knife that had fallen eight stories before embedding itself in his head, Xiao didn’t realize he had suffered a horrific injury until someone else pointed it out. After learning of his predicament, the pain overwhelmed him and he sat on the street until an ambulance arrived.

When Xiao got to the hospital, the knife was removed from his head. Doctors say he is in stable condition, but still has a ways to go before he’s fully recovered. The man who had left his knife in a flower pot on his balcony has already paid for a portion of Xiao’s medical bills.

(via Telegraph)

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