This Pakistani Firefighter Does Something Amazing In His Free Time

All firefighters are dedicated to helping people in their communities, but this man goes above and beyond the call of duty.

Mohammed Ayub is a firefighter in Pakistan, and what he does for children in his town goes beyond pulling them to safety (although he’s amazing at doing that, too). He keeps them safe in a multitude of ways by empowering them with knowledge.

In his spare time, Ayub teaches children in the capital city of Islamabad so that they can fulfill their destinies and live their lives to the fullest.

“We’re the children of poor parents. Without an education, we’ll wander the streets clearing rubbish. It’s not our destiny to clear rubbish.”

Millions of children around the world are unable to get the educations they deserve, which is what makes Mohammed Ayub’s work so important. By giving these kids a few hours of his time every day, he equips them with the tools they’ll need to reach their goals later in life.

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