This Pilot Turned A Disaster Flight Into A Rad Middle School Sleepover! You Have To See He What Did.

Waiting for your plane to leave the tarmac is an extremely stressful affair that can turn even the slickest Cool-Guy-Rick into the most anxious Neebly-Noodle Ned.

Frontier Airlines Flight 719 was a Monday evening flight set to take off at 5:48pm but due to plane traffic didn’t actually take off until an hour later.

As the plane was reaching its destination in Denver, severe thunderstorms rattled the plane and the captain was forced to change course to Nebraska until it cleared. While flying around Nebraska, the plane started running low on fuel and had to change course once again to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where it waited another 2 hours on its tarmac.

But out of the ashes arises a hero.

The captain of the plane did some quick calculations and realized nobody on the plane had eaten in almost four hours.  So he ordered his plane 50 pizzas out of his own pocket.

The name of this gallant knight of the sky is still unknown, but we assume he looks something like this:

And his plane looks like this:

Presumably while blasting “Dude Looks Like a Lady” at all times!

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(H/T: DailyMail)

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