TMI? Did Phoenix candidate really go there on his campaign signs? [pics]!/BrandonLeuck/status/362794987005542401

Austin Head is a DJ and LGBT advocate running for city council in Phoenix, Ariz. He’s also an oversharer.!/nvonwilcz/status/362697386818162688


Dear Anthony Weiner: If someone on your staff, er, on your campaign suggests a similar sign, the answer is “no.”

JWF has more on the “I heart Head” signs.!/adamlongoCBS5/status/362692029144248320!/adamlongoCBS5/status/362779672674701312

Evidently it’s tough to keep thieves from running off with these signs.!/HEAD4PHX/status/361976732963704833

Who could’ve seen that coming?!/CRinQC/status/362843131177213953

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