Top 15 things people do at the movies!/GQswaGGG/status/197030510046879746

#ThingsWeDoAtTheMovies eat all of the popcorn before the movie even starts…

— rΔul (@roll1poll1) April 30, 2012!/BriannaHeartsU/status/197054516284243969

#ThingsWeDoAtTheMovies – keep our phones on

— Connor Franta (@ConnorFranta) April 30, 2012

#ThingsWeDoAtTheMovies Talk to the screen Like were in the movie. #TeamMilano

— #ThatAintYaBitch (@DerrickMilano) April 30, 2012

#ThingsWeDoAtTheMovies sit through the credits at every superhero movie to see if there will be a bonus scene

— Peeta Mellark (@PeetaPN12) April 30, 2012

#ThingsWeDoAtTheMovies ~ Cry at the end of the movie..

— Potter Memories. (@Potter_Memories) April 30, 2012

#ThingsWeDoAtTheMovies tweet that we're there, cos everyone cares about that of course.

— true! (@damnitstrue) April 30, 2012

#ThingsWeDoAtTheMovies try to bootleg the movie with a camera phone

— General Avebooguín (@aveboogie) April 30, 2012

#ThingsWeDoAtTheMovies pay for 1 movie but walk out seeing like 4

— Trav NEVER Chills (@SKTV_) April 30, 2012!/iKeepItTooReal/status/197028323434561536

#ThingsWeDoAtTheMovies spend half of the film working out where you've seen an actor/actress before

— Tyson Ritter (@Charl0tte69) April 30, 2012

#ThingsWeDoAtTheMovies hope noone sits in front of us so we can put our feet on the chair in front of us! #TGP

— Tall Girl Problems (@TallGrlPrblms) April 30, 2012

#ThingsWeDoAtTheMovies Cry when the human giraffe sits in front of you.

— BECCA LEW (@xbeccalew) April 30, 2012

#ThingsWeDoAtTheMovies laugh and be loud because we can!

— Chrispy (@chrispyf) April 30, 2012

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