Tourists Heroically Rescue A Pod Of 30 Dolphins That Beached Themselves.

One guy was just having an ordinary day at a beach in Arraial do Cabo in Brazil when he spotted something odd in the ocean. As soon as he realized what was going on, he began filming immediately. A pod of over thirty dolphins were swimming straight at him. It’s hard to say why the dolphins swam straight at the shore, but they were about to get into a bunch of trouble. The dolphins became beached and were stranded. Luckily, a crowd of bystanders were quick to react and came to their rescue. Watch the craziness unfold before your very eyes in the video below.

(Source: crariyo) I personally think it’s rather fascinating how the dolphins almost seem to understand that the humans are helping them. They stopped struggling as they are dragged back to the sea, almost thankful for the help. (At least it seems that way to me.) One thing’s for sure, that is the last time these dolphins are going to let Dave lead. Share this crazy animal rescue video with your friends and family below.

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