Trailblazers lose All-Star Forward for the season!/Fantasyguy23/status/190523884414578689

Just when the Portland Trailblazers are confident things couldn’t possibly get any worse, they lose All-Star Forward LaMarcus Aldridge for the rest of the season.

It must really suck being a fan of their team.

LaMarcus Aldridge needs season ending hip surgery. With their luck, the Blazers might as well change their uniforms to hospital gowns.

— Robin Lundberg (@robinlundberg) April 12, 2012

FYI to all Fantasy Basketball players – Lamarcus Aldridge is now droppable.

— ESPN Fantasy Sports (@ESPNFantasy) April 12, 2012

NOOOOOO not Lamarcus Aldridge! my fantasy team is going to miss him

— Big Daddy Kirb (@KirbyKirb) April 12, 2012

Feel bad for LaMarcus Aldridge..

— Nita (@NitaPita23) April 12, 2012

They need to take the Portland Trailblazers out the league, bad luck team 4reallo, my guy Lamarcus Aldridge out for the rest of the year

— Jesus Shuttlesworth (@JMoolah_LP) April 12, 2012

Brandon Roy retires at 26 with a degenerative knee, Greg Oden hasn't played 20 games yet, now Lamarcus Aldridge will miss rest of the season

— Carl Jr (@Carlcjsmith) April 12, 2012!/AaronRoche10/status/190520291414388736

Damn LaMarcus Aldridge out for the season? The TrailBlazers have the worst luck of all. Brandon Roy, Greg Oden, now LaMarcus.. SMH

— EP (@USAF_Bama_Boy) April 12, 2012

lamarcus Aldridge done for the season arthroscopic surgery on his hip.. If I got drafted to Portland I would retire The same day..

— BorganKnowsBest (@kballpro) April 12, 2012

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